Friday, December 2, 2022

They sure wanted my already long deceased grandfather to hate me - had one torture me at our old house on Trdinova 4 while pronouncing father under MK Ultra torture as a king of Slovenia

 Man who resembled my grandfather didn't share any qualities of my grandfather who would kill anyone for even a thought of placing fingers on me - it was a Novo mesto police in 2000 that pursued idea about my haring grandfather for no reason other than to deprive me of which subject one feared I will bring on to light one day.

Father who would pass next to torture location right outside of the Trdinova 4 house claimed with his friends knew all about what I was up to against him and according to his friends and city major and whomever was to match royal rank of British royals - something locals embraced due to his life he spent in Krka Pharmaceuticals, mother, sister and Ljubljana had to agree...this is the bloody legacy Buckingham palace left me with - those who came here for excursions and to strike deals....I became the most hated man in Slovenia and father who violent domestic abuse history matched worst cases of domestic abusers a king...Slovenian psychiatrists just as was case with my niece, begun to work on literally human piece of shit who pointed at me in my childhood anywhere from rifle to oars/paddles and hey-forks with idea to kill me...they had job to do and turn uter criminal into a royalty so they could prove their case to the world...NICE !!! 

That grandfather(mine passed away when I was 4) was a for my grandfather, I alone lost temper age 3 or 4 during visit to Maribor when I observed one beaten up and his giant roommate...father walking around like idiot gesturing mother what granpa is like was too late for him way too late - nope, they wouldn't pull one back home. They might have got one even murdered for what I am concerned to bring relief into their miserable lives(I never ever will believe any official story because of what I tasted on my own skin - they butchered me behind these walls in here and claimed me 20+ years ago what problems I will encounter health wise and how all will be based on age due to statistics how they will portray my case indifferent from statistics). KILLERS...ACTUALLY BUTCHERS KILLERS. 


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