Thursday, May 5, 2022

Prince William already introduced me to center for suicidal assistance in London - must have been in 2010

 It was a fun place(looked cultural fine - quiet and somewhat like separate restaurant room where party yet needs to start) for which I knew not why was there for...not to eat cakes for one thing - two "waitresses" were really good looking ohhh, but William completely spoiled atmosphere(KID WANTED TO LOOK SERIOUS NEXT TO ME - 

IMAGINE, LIKE IF I WANTED SOMETHING SERIOUS WHATEVER MK ULTRA PLANE SHOULD TRANSIT ME TO LUKASHENKA OR PUTIN INSTEAD AND NOT TO GB I EVEN COMPLAINED ABOUT IT...EVEN WORSE BECAUSE HE CLAIMED ME HOW TWO OF US CAN NOW SPEND QUALITY TIME TOGETHER IN LONDON)...assistance staff got to know me and there were two male technicians who actually liked me(third one claimed didn't like me because I am the reason for people to visit such facility an lalala, but he ran away and forth and perhaps fifth did the same). William caused uproar in London with his sudden appearance of me at place for suicide support 

Complained about it - I really did as stated above and that means I was truly INSANE. You see, he lied again...quality time at SUICIDE PREVENTION PLACE...NICE

I had him afterwards enough for some time...Andrew didn't miss the opportunity to point out my having fun in London as AHHAAAAAAAA...HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT HIS COMPLAIN....LALALALA

Even after they got girls off the picture, I still didn't figured out what place was about(they brought me back time and again and organised some insane tricksteries in there with YOUR FUTURE PLACE GET TO KNOW ONE AND STAFF LALALALA, but I didn't care because whole thing was more and more insane)...I was waiting for the party to happen and nothing ever came out of it...through this place, I learned with just how insane people I dealt with all along...I was just interested in girls(I mean waitresses). Ohhh William grew up on occasion and became seen as real adult...probably this dates back to 2008 and not even 2010. Thats what he wanted - he wanted to be seen mature and serious guy also infront of me...I see him now as total loser and I wouldn't even think about visiting London(don't want to glimpse one even on the map). Ever

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