Tuesday, May 31, 2022

95% of involved in this so called MK Ultra case, engaged in crime - violence, death threats, beatings via human trafficking ran by police and other government services

 When considering above number and gestures on how I must be "nice" for people to help me out and ready to financially award them for their "kindness"(for "right" to recognize them "not" for police to use violence against me via psychiatry and judicial/court system as was actually the case and used to paint over lies such as "help/right to recognize" over with additional crime) and no less than 26 years of brainwash how is good and bad involved and will depend on my character how I will see the world and therefore be seen as...

I must state you all and based on above figures that 5% of so called "good" existed for 95% of so called evil(5% were used to get game going after or each time I rejected everyone)...thus further, I wouldn't discuss ANY about who existed for and did what...nobody placed guns on your foreheads and compelled you into crime against me - in my eyes as it should be case in every normal human being worthy to be called as human, you all profited within.

@Daniel Rex Smith(American psychologist) - based on what was done to me and for what you knew will be, and what exactly was to you my dignity and well being you praised so much if not for numbers on your personal banking accounts !!???? My well being and dignity(its how they got into this room on this table day after day) were heavily misused by your masters via main stream media, social networks and whichever way they managed to make me recall torture as a weapon against myself while you alone have spent time on a safe place far from it all. This was about staying alive just as you stated me 1000 x times(played me musicale from Travolta while laughing as insane) without chance for survival and just to tell all about what too place in your post WWII "democracies" via your own human rights organisations ran by inter governmental agencies.



You even had to replace me car tires to "help me out" and place me inside of the mental hospital to "help me out"....as you informed me in 2016, destroying things and psychiatry will not be enough since I was unwilling to replace Slovenian serial killer Metod Trobec, it was time for cancer and spine breaking game to complement psychiatric thesis vs proofs posted...thank you "brothers and sisters". I am honest and "nice"...you just have to determine with your masters whether I existed for your good(sake of your jobs, loans, discounts, matrimonies, lies, perversion) or you did for "ours". 

You ruined me 28 years of life and hardly will I survive you - your "help"(crime). Must say I am very pessimistic in realistic sense of what you accomplished for my sake.


I certainly hope GOOD CATCHES UP WITH YOUR "OURS" AND "EVIL" and you all get your judgement day(karma - justice you cried about and called upon against me so much). CLEARLY 5% OF YOU EXISTED FOR OTHER 95%.

It was not Russians who did it - you did it for the sake of Russians and Serbs.


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