Thursday, May 26, 2022

There was total ONCE my niece visited father in hospital

 Sister, I understand, never ever did. 

When criminal hospitalized me with other family members in 2013(sister had big word in it and so did my niece) via domestic violence lies against me, we haven't seen each other for months at the time as I refused to see any of the scumbags.... and each meeting inside of the psychiatric hospital where mother would eventually come(from beginning on bus on what father drove her) after months or at home if released from one, since was nothing more than inconvenience for one.

Slovenian health services in my life, were only used once - to hospitalize me inside of the psychiatric hospital in 2013(and in 2015 - twice you see) and to lie during examinations done at Novo mesto general hospital in respect to cancer(in 2021 qnd 2022). This was the first and last for Slovenia as I myself will voluntarily never ever use their healthcare assistance again.

I feel it should be(stay) this way.

Slovenes became first nation in the world with idea to turn psychiatric institutions into a "communist" cash machine with idea to absorb foreign money through torture and award their labeled psychiatric patient winner whom the groomed for replacement of Metod Trobec with cancer - literately.

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