Saturday, May 21, 2022

American was finally released from Russian psychiatrist prison - was stashed next to murderers just as case was with myself in Slovenia(he didn't have a single one I had - 200cm tall 130kg weight lifter who chopped mama and stashed her inside of the fridge and who would go insane with lamp turned on inside the room due to medications used on one while smoking dope on the side)

Irony is that individual whom Slovenian system used against me was involved in MK Ultra and handled by same psychiatrist whose name is Mudža - THEY STEERED HIM INTO WORLD OF DRUGS AND I AM 100% CERTAIN HOMICIDE OF HIS MOTHER.
American Trevor Reed was swapped with Russian assain Konstantin Yaroshenko.

Lucky you boy...they have in Russia mental institutions not as bad in Slovenia where I WAS POISONED TO DEGREE I WANTED TO JUMP OUT OF MY OWN SKIN DUE TO PHYSICAL PAIN ENDURED WHATEVER THEY USED(ordered my mother to tie me on bed because I feared could be my falling into delirium), BUT OF WHICH SOME LEAD STRAIGHT TO GRAVEYARDS AND ARE IN FACT LOCATED RIGHT NEXT TO GRAVEYARDS.

Slovenia - ultimate RussoSerbian shithole and even in center of Europe. Kaliningrad #2

Sure is small and looks innocent, but he promised me death via psychiatric institution straight in my face on several occasions. Dedicated NOW president Pahor to me as a personal case manager who will handle me from beginning to the end and according to Pahor if he couldn't finish job, they would get someone else to take care me....

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