Thursday, May 26, 2022

BABY SEATING JOSEPH FRITZL IN THE SLOVENIAN PAEDO STATE(capital Moscow): Father at this point was used by Slovenian state supported by London/Washington DC as a remote weapon against me

 Few days ago when there, individual claimed father bites/punches - same day father refused to eve see me. So I call from hospital in which physician stated how one doesn't know if anything is wring with one since he didn't complain about it followed(he was hospitalized second time due to what one claimed was pain in the head which I reported to ambulance pickup as well as hospital) then I returned again(during last time - three days ago), and he let me shave one but refused to drink 1/10th of the litter water I offered one - he instead swallowed twice from mother and ate fruit salad one gave him...when asking how he is treated he started something about night and acted stupid rather than to answer question even that he heard me without using any hearing aid device. Once I left he asked me when I am coming next just as he tortured with issues under so called MK Ultra...not difficult to see we are dealing with Slovenian state and career criminal who ruined my life and who aims for the last corner of my sanity(I do have a real cancer - he is making full of his own health at age 91) for the sake of his Ljubljana owners. 

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