Sunday, May 22, 2022

VW BUGGY COMPLETED ALREADY IN 2010(or was at least purchased and worked on - purchased I believe in 2008 to be exact) - RELEASED ABOUT IN 2020: Mr. John Reynolds and Nicole Johnson(and her husband and everyone else around)

I already told John to just place engine on a strong race base and then somehow adjust(basically seat body of one) VW buggy on it due to safety and practical reasons. He did job as seen here also for other people such POSSIBLY even as George Bush who expressed interest in his work at least once to my is very possible, John even tried out camping in Poland, but am unsure about it...John was on the MK Ultra picture since 1996 and was one of the nicest people around. Nicole was just a trouble maker who used me to find herself a husband and make some $$$...


She or I should say rather I myself HAVE found her a really nice husband...I saw good looking kids on picture and its what makes me happy.

Sleeper my ass - sleeper when I sleep with your sister.

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