Tuesday, May 24, 2022

SERBIAN DISGRACE ON BALKANS(Serbian prejudice against Roma and Bulgarian community in year 2022) AND SLOVENIAN CONNECTION TO ONE: Pa mi Slovenci i trebamo da budemo rasisti inaće Srbi nebi mogli da prođu ni sa svojim Romovima(naćin na koji rade sa njima nije ni životinjski) nikdje na svjetu

IT IS IMPORTANT FOR SLOVENIAN GOVERNMENT TO KEEP OUR YOUNG PEOPLE JOBLESS AT HOMES AND INCITE THEM INTO HATRED AGAINST ROMA COMMUNITY - AND HOW NOT....NEXT TO OBTAINING STATEMENTS FROM THEM USED TO DESTROY THEM, SERBIA RESTS ITS REAL NATIONAL CHARACTER FROM GLOBAL ATTENTION(they want eyes of the world in respect to racism just as is case with Russia and Ukraine concentrated on us Slovenes rather than for world to eye them - this is important if you are to fight war against nazism and you are the one behind one).

Šta bi samo bilo ako bi istina procurila u svjet kako se tretiraju Romi a i drugi narodi u veliki Srbiji...
Milan Kučan i njegovi levićari(Slovenski demokrati) brezno so Slovenačke države i Slovenačkog naroda koji zamene lični ni ne postoji jer je to stramota za ljudsku rasu.

Velika Srbija - JOŠ UVIJEK OĆE DA BUDE sramota od Vardara pa do Triglava....

Never mind Bosnian, Albanian, Croatian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Macedonian minorities discriminated against in Serbia...there is more and this today in 2022 - not that much about 22 years ago when everyone ran from affiliation with Serbia due to its war on Balkans against several nations...today, now in 2022....


Serbs stage pro-Russia marches amid V-Day ceremonies

Pro-Russia marches have been staged in Serbia and the Serb-run entity in Bosnia — both traditional allies of Moscow in the Balkans — amid ceremonies to mark the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II

Putin's Victory Day show of force
As Russian attacks escalate, more than 60 people are feared dead after a bombing at a school where civilians were sheltering.

BELGRADE, Serbia -- Pro-Russia marches were staged in Serbia and the Serb-run entity in Bosnia — both traditional allies of Moscow in the Balkans — amid ceremonies Monday to mark the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II.

Serbia organized military jet flyovers and officials laid wreaths as part of the celebrations. A Serbian cabinet minister and Russia’s ambassador to Serbia joined dozens of people in the Moscow-backed march in Belgrade, an annual event mirroring the one held in Russia to honor WWII victims.

Marchers carried a cardboard figure of Russian President Vladimir Putin and a big ‘Z’ sign symbolizing support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Serbia’s minister without portfolio, Nenad Popovic, who is openly pro-Russian, said Serbia and Russia “always have been on the right side of history,” as he joined in the march where people carry portraits of relatives who died fighting Axis forces.

Pro-Russia flags and banners could be seen at a Victory Day gathering in the southern Serbian city of Nis, regional N1 television said.

Serbia has joined condemnation at the United Nations of the Russian attack, but has refused to impose sanctions against Moscow — despite formally seeking to join the European Union.

Pro-Russian sentiment and support for the invasion remain high in Serbia and among the Bosnian Serbs whose populist leaders have fostered close relations with Putin.

In the main Bosnian Serb town of Banja Luka, top officials and the Russian ambassador in Bosnia took part in the march that included banners openly supporting the Russian invasion and “the fight against Nazism in Ukraine and the world."

The banners echoed Putin's argument for launching the attack that since Feb. 24 has killed thousands, displaced millions and inflicted widespread devastation on Ukrainian towns, cities and villages.

The Ukrainian embassy in Belgrade criticized Serbia in a statement, saying embassy officials marked Victory Day on Sunday — and without the presence of Serbian officials.

The embassy, the statement said, “does not have the moral right and human desire to honor the victims of World War II together with the representatives of the criminal Putin regime.”

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