Saturday, May 14, 2022

Mother keeps feeding father with garbage - buying Kučan time without allowing any rest the first day to convince me is best to let go

Fed him as seen here yesterday and does again today while yelling at me to keep him standstill in bed. She took him out immediately after I even demonstrated her my recording of what goes on - father was in bed all day long with exception to launch during which he reached terrace...normally since mother claimed me needs to be with company 24/7, she would give me a time frame during which she would sacrifice her time to be next to one and I would do my part, but just as is with everything else - she did the same thing with his care. First night disallowing me to go sleep on what she would sleep on the floor next to him "so he wouldn't fell off the bed" as if there is no space on bed for her as well if she already wanted to be next to him(similarly she exercised attitude against me through cutting lawn and other work...when I cooked for father, it was that cooked shit for him according to her and even that she no longer will cook for one BECAUSE HE PREFERABLY EATS MY FOOD on what she begun to cook and push next to my food prepared her food giving one double portions of food).

She saw herself as Milan Kučan's cleaning lady in our home.

Will no longer waste a single second on Kučan/ Janković/ Pahor whereabouts in this home - my life.

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