Sunday, May 15, 2022

I am sure you realized my sleep reduced to frequent 4 hours a night - I consume no coffee whatsoever

 Just saying because doors from father's room were during his absence in hospital LOCKED. I will not complain about any pain in chest etc because it makes no sense to me. I know what I was told will be done with me when they held me captive drugged up, so be it but under my terms.

Bavčar, Dmitrij Rupl, Peterle and all others(opposition to Borut Pahor/Kučan) LONDON also 

established connection were blind to my suffering. Prince Andrew claimed I am his property...

@Milan Kučan - kako smešno kajne...biti že ven iz političnega prizorišča in dobivati takšne komplimente on nekakšnega XXXX odrinjenega iz sveta...

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