Tuesday, May 17, 2022

TO BE USED AS MK ULTRA PROOFS - DUTCH CAR IN SLOVENIA AND ITS OWNERS(not present) IDENTIFIED - Elon Musk stated me paid 500 Euros penalty for having one seat on that very spot for year or so in 2006

They used to sell India made Marutis model 800(otherwise Suzukis) at this very place for some 3000 USD in 1992/1993, and I was in between of buying either used car or new Maruti...I wanted new Maruti, but didn't have enough in my pocket, so I went for used Lada Samara instead which car(original one) latter Elon Musk tested.
Car was registered on older Dutch couple - beautiful, tall, slender, with long straight brown hair female owner in lets say 2005 was at her age 55, but her husband appeared was 20+ years older. She was his take carer(home care) and then man decided to marry her in 1999 or so.

Dutch couple popped up in the city of Novo mesto on several occasions, but it was Elon Musk who claimed credit for the couple's visit to Novo mesto. Claimed that he financed two...my mother greatly disliked Elon Musk for whatever reason(she had no choice other, but to dislike everything from West just as others - according to directive from Milan Kučan).

Couple was first here in 1999/2001, 2005, and I think female in 2006 alone as her husband passed away in in 2005. Car was then in 2008 or so sold to a young crazy man(kept one only for as year) and then again to a very nice younger Dutch couple which appears is here in Novo mesto....THIS CAR WAS PURCHASED NEW IN 1999 if I remember properly(IT WAS) and I remember a whole a lot as you see.

For this news, I will also thank to Angela Merkel as she personally ensured to help me out with it.

Maruti 800

Mother smashed doors and left home on foot to disrupt thinking process as she promised would f**** - she was used to enter WRONG MK ULTRA scenario  which involved Elon Musk in it and according to her, Kučan, and others car belonged to Elon Musk who bought one and drove from Holland here....I cite my mother who pledged to cause me problem with here seen car, "you don't think I can f**** you, but I will with this very car". As you saw it, she did her part very well. She is violent alright and always was, but her violence was under disguise of being insulted was "excuse" for other stuff.

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