Wednesday, May 18, 2022

At the father and his room 9, two individuals whom they had involved under MK Ultra were in the room as well

 Head of administration(department for employment etc.) was identified inside of the administration building - blonde(more likely with painted hair) who always, however, was blonde moved to her office according to her words in 2009(I stated in 2012) and her friend secretary involved in MK Ultra helped me to point you all out how second floor was re-arranged in 2008 at head of administration's request - I am pointing at the behind glass doors area therefore ONLY the end of the floor 

where glass doors are + office where this secretary moved just month ago(she did so to remind me) was also I think enlarged in 2013, but for me to state this officially I would have to glimpse this second floor again..Secretary has a daughter and I think is from area near hospital - has a house in Šmihel area I of the longest involved physicians from General hospital where father is also came on the picture and works under(floor bellow) the neurology department...

Diver instructor from Mokronog area also identified(house and brother both confirmed).....and so on and so forth.

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