Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Prince Andrew(DRUNK) once dared me - repeatedly took oath in-front of me will destroy me and even get me killed

 I was drugged up and didn't give much f*** about lad's blah blah back in 1999, but he did caused a lots of damage and must admit 23 years latter that he did came pretty damn close to his goals. Funny part was that I repeatedly dismissed Irish afterwards over the course of the years on several occasions and brought one to negotiation table alone, but I really was not aware of danger these people carried along - danger of vengeance against even someone who was drugged up and completely down to earth(no f**** word "loyal" can explain any of my devotion to them for all the years I turned my back to death for their sake) with them. I truly was nothing more than "brand new shiny helmet and a pair of kinky boots".


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