Thursday, May 26, 2022

They still didn't hand Lucifer his death certificate and keep one alive, but he will face his trial just as Slovenia

And dreams of SLOVENIAN Borut Pahor/Milan Kučan team on how I will sick to death still be capable enough to deliver money to his YUGO UDBA in Slovenia(Belgrade and Moscow) on what I too will just die away are buried too.

It wasn't Pahor alone who dreamed about here stated, it was Polish Duda/Kaczynski team and others as well they got on board(WHO WILL YOU MARRY WHAT YOU WILL EAT AND HOW YOU WILL SHIT GAME) and its what makes the whole thing a bit more complicated from my point of view for entire Eastern European community(not Slovenia alone) - community of capitalist turbo ex "communists"(communists my ass) who set at  home, plotted, and waited on foreign money to rain out of sky through torture of what they marked as TRAITOR - MARKED EVEN AS SERIAL KILLER METOD TROBEC TO WHOM I WAS BROUGHT SINCE 1995....

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