Thursday, May 5, 2022

3rd scenario of father involved father literately checking with niece and her husband house in what apparently was my absence(they had me next to them drugged up)

And the only thing I heard from father was "he is not taking care this and that lalalala"....

Father is not coming home because he needs 24/7 medical assistance is what I was told.

In third scenario, mother browsed via yellow pages all elderly homes in region and beyond for such assistance - claimed me under so called MK Ultra how difficult is to even get him 

location where he would have medical assistance 24/ was psychiatrist Peter Kapš, however, who insisted I NO LONGER WOULD SEE ONE ONLY(except) IF I WOULD DO THINGS RIGHT AND WOULD NEED ONE BROUGHT BACK IN HOME ENVIRONMENT TO STEER ISSUES AFTER SOME 4,5,6 WHATEVER this scenario, mother would be gone too and I would have to take care myself/house - bills basically...100% fun in shithole where state owes you more money than one is worth, but where you have no access to basic healthcare. Perhaps I should issue apology to Slovenia for all the crime against me.

This scenario started with tank full of fuel, winter heating supply ready was concluded that I wasn't capable to take care myself etc...

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