Wednesday, May 4, 2022

My father removed from process by Slovenian state in style of Epstein and his associate Jean-Luc Brunel

 Will no longer return home as is now static on machines - can't move even hand and this is what mother told me under MK Ultra would be the worst possible state scenario for him in case they would have to look for a very detailed way out to apologize murder in most sophisticated way - so that no one could prove a process of departure to a new promised land in 1995, family in Slovenia became decimated - initially used as a tool to destroy me....there is nothing bad I could tell about my experience with royals and American citizenship was a march into a hellhole since 1995 with no echo... 

Father will now be transferred to another side of facility from what I can recall and 

soon(withing week two the most) issued a death certificate. Then am certain a cremation part will follow from within. Mother under MK Ultra claimed will blame me for this scenario as causing him harm through political issues.

With food mother fed one, it was only one thing to expect for one thing...and with his compliance with those whom he welfared and who welfared one against me, result was obvious to come...nothing else was possible.

His son(and officiant) during my stay in USA became psychiatrist Peter Kapš.

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