Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Father walking in same shoes of Epstein and his associate Jean-Luc Brunel - both pronounced as dead

Mother brought news about one from hospital that he is in worse and worse state as was also to expect. Criminal(right hand of Milan Kučan, but they all work together with one another from Golobič to Janša, Hojs, Lojze Peterle, Dmitrij Rupl etc) Robert Golob is now responsible for continuation of the show. They will have father disappear withing days I expect. IN ORGANISED CRIME YOU GET YOURSELF, ORGANISED BY CRIME YOU BECOME. Its what Slovenian parliament since 1995 alone became in a non existing Josef Fritzl alike Slovenian independent state - a regular organised crime network mob coordinated by others for the sake of their goals.
Niece's husband according to MK Ultra prepared her phone to malfunction(disable use of dialup - phone service on one that looks as phone bill was not paid) and I am to "repair one" according to crime scenario when held drugged up...scenario went on to claim me YOU ARE HOMELESS SOON SOON....

Physically sick to death(can be at any time) as I am since 2017 and should worry about becoming homeless...interesting. Everything will be - Belgrade and Moscow in Ljubljana and Berlin and London in Ljubljana, but there is one thing that won't be...whoever will be, will not allow anything like this to become(integrate) part of its nation...

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I am US citizen since 2000....I don't think I owe for citizenship anything to anyone and specially when it comes to eastern Europe where brought up for beatings since 1995 infront of Slovenian partisan memorials because of I cite was told, "America...you went to America..."

Never cared for Texas - went there once in 2004 to Stevens Transport for truck driving training practical part and that was it...I owe no one explanations on what/where how...

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