Friday, May 13, 2022

Prince Charles and his family wanted to portray me as insane as possible - NOTHING PRINCE CHARLES CLAIMED ME TILL DOOR IS FIXED(means he was behind also this crime just as other crimes - he covered up for Kučan and his fellows/encouraged them in crime) AND SURE ENOUGH THIS VERY YOUTUBE POPPED UP INSIDE OF MY ROOM/OUR HOUSE

Charles legitimized crime against me - my doors squeak and make terrible noise whenever opened closed and were used to harass next to record me inside the room...
He had people as seen here "explain me" mechanical engineering technician how to fix them turning my world into ugly unbearable to live toilet. Prince Andrew claimed(boasted about) he learned all about how to control people through dealing with sex workers and Charles didn't mind his input into matters surrounding BRITISH crown. 
I would have to have a bank to pay for it all and borrow time from 10 people to spend one on as instructed repairs.

Prince Charles LOVED(ADORED) Bram Stoker's DraculaSoundtrack album by Annie Lennox and Wojciech Kilar - played one to me and ask if I like one(whenever disallowed to rest during MK Ultra sessions which would go at times days in lenghth disallowing one to sleep - rest)...claimed what a shame for Mr. Kilar(became involved in MK Ultra) to not have received proper award for one....

Prince Charles insisted in sleeping inside of the psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje since 1998 to avoid hostel/hotel search for us regular mortals(he took initiative and let the rest to MK ultra staff members to deal with it with occasional sleepovers - prince Charles enjoyed in psychiatric terror and so did prince Andrew) AND OFF COURSE FOR ME TO HAVE A PROOFS IS WHAT HE CLAIMED AT THE TIME - they have always had ready empty psychiatric wings for short stay(with early morning departures as must)  

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