Friday, May 13, 2022

Another 4 hours of sleep what main goal of psychiatry was(what Kapš aimed at with issue pertaining to father)

 To stall me as much as possible from physical activities and or if not - all that other great 

stuff. Neighbor Andrej Uhl insisted even he would finish job for mother if I wouldn't be finished off(health wise) somehow already at this point. Blueberries appear to help me greatly, however, those are very expensive(learned about their health benefits due to father's problems). Pain in heart area goes on. No f*** wonder heh....

Mother asked me yesterday on several occasions if I will sleep next to father because he fell(NEVER SAW IT - HE FELL IN FRONT OF MOTHER AND DULC), but father alone insisted me infront of now police director Ogulin will give one exact location of recorder if place one in his room...sleeping next to father would be same as sleeping next to mother who had neighbor Kolenc in the room once when next to her in 3 minutes(didn't even close my eyes completelly when neighbor was already inside the room at 2200 hours). It would be an act of insanity from my side which police/psychiatry again aimed at. Fell down issue(specially because of insane mother's behavior - she didn't go sleep, she wouldn't let father sleep, and she wouldn't let me go sleep in peace at 0200) will most likely follow up today with...father despite everything slept very well what makes me glad.

Mother never went sleep in her life for less than 8 hours(regular 8 to 10 hours sleep - organic food only) and father with up to 12 hours a day. Both at age 85 and 90 are by far healthier than myself at 50. Long distance walk keeps me alive as otherwise I would collapse dead already without doubt - blood cancer related issues take over very fast Interesting parents insisted me IF I WILL BUY BLUEBERRIES FOR FATHER AT THIS POINT, it would be very beneficial for my own health - they both know more about my health issues(everything) than what I do.

I sure did called to hospital myself yesterday(he became aggressive at the toilet where I spent 15 minutes of time if not more offering one to clean his ass with paper/water - not only with me, but also mother)  to see if bed can be obtained for one accordingly with mother's demands. NO, I DON'T WANT A CRIMINAL TO BECOME MY LIABILITY FOR OFFERING ONE HELP RATHER THAN POLICE OPTION(CRIMINAL RUINED MY LIFE WITH DEATH THREATS AND BEATINGS THROUGHOUT MY LIFE AND AT HIS ELDERLY AGE COVERED UP FOR POLICE/PSYCHIATRY WITH LIES AGAINST ME SO I WAS INSTITUTIONALIZED BASED THOSE THEM IN 2013).

He just woke up, took one to restroom and warned mother about it so she joined one - clean one hearing aid and was accused of not knowing how to insert those in king's ears despite doing it just fine....its all clear to me why he came home.

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