Monday, October 16, 2023

Which border is the most important(crucial for its existence) border for European Union member states

a) Portugal

b) Germany

c) Ukraine

d) Norway

The answer - if you can't help Ukraine defend every millimeter of Ukraine, you won't be capable to defend your own door steps either wherever is it that you are located in Europe. Ukraine gives you extra safety, time to act, and ability to buffer the enemy - without Ukraine or with Ukraine stabbed in the back from those one sacrificed its ideals for, you are next.

More than Poland and more than even Baltic states due to its population and territory's size(ability to contribute enormously) with over 600.000 km2 almost size of Texas, Ukraine is the most important border(partner) which European Union member states share with.

And they brazenly mumbled to me in my face something about if I will say this and that lalal we will we will not Ukraine lalala...the thing is no one in Europe can afford without Ukraine with Russia as the biggest risk in the world.

Ukraine is not Israel - its of a 1000x of greater importance for Europe than European border shared with Israel. The war which is raging right now and deciding about Europe is in Ukraine not in Israel as Putin would want world to concentrate on.

All three EU member states as seen above(Norway will become oer perhaps not) and others are much safer and economically prosperous with Ukrainian presence - existence.

What Texas is to US is what Ukraine is(should be) to European Union/Europe as whole. No Texas, end of US. Use brain and vote special interests(corruption) OUT OF EUROPEAN POLITICS. Strong Ukraine, stronger world peace.

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