Monday, October 23, 2023

During visit at the father(home for elderly), it became evident that care employees enforce their own rules in respect to hygiene, enforce their own views on my case through deliberate job neglection which consumed today smelly fathers' diapers full of waste for duration of visit, and are most likely overusing laxatives to make impression on me

Father again was dressed in jump suit for which I stated was told whenever dressed in one will have full pants of poop.

Cleaning lady had a problem cleaning father due to my stay(stated me wouldn't clean one to save me minutes with one despite smelly room and discomfort of which I warned them - spent good amount of time searching for them on two floors where no employee could be found), but not with him having full

pants of s*** which rather was a diarrhea most likely enforced to make impression on me. I heard other residents complain about overuse of laxatives and improper evidence/diary entries. Male nurse tried with me his luck too when warned about mentioned issue(I didn't mentioned what I believe is overuse of fixatives, but did incident concerning his cleaning assistant for which he stated are only two on duty for the night - he tried to enforce in my face as acceptable whatever I stated her assistant declined provide with idea to also punish me as it did smelled heavily and wouldn't allow me to explain what issue I had going on with her - he challenged/bullied), but I made sure he understands every word I directed to his assistant. 

Slovenian state attached father a feeding tube in his stomach according to agreement with him and what he believed would use if necessary to even cause medical emergency. Use to STOP ME FROM inquiring questions from one - father alone alone stated me will NOT WANT TO HEAR ME AT ALL as to whatever I would have to say once I identify his involvement in crime through MK Ultra genocide against me. 

My situation/case doesn't give right to employees, however, to mistreat one or to stick nose in any of the private matters to which most of them contributed for the worse through direct physical and mental torture in the past. WHAT I STATED IN THE TITLE CONCERNS MY WORK AND MY VIEWS ON MY LIFE, ITS NOT PART OF THEIR DUTIES/JOB NOR DO THESE PEOPLE HAVE RIGHT TO PLAY WITH ONE'S HEALTH OVERLY USING LAXATIVES AND LETTING CLEANLINESS TO TOXIC DEGREE WHEN IT BECOMES INTOLERABLE TO STAY INSIDE OF THE ROOM DUE TO STINK....

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