Wednesday, October 25, 2023

HAMAS which US Government listed as a terrorist organisation may not be alone in acts of terrorism - when it comes to terrorism, HAMAS is a baby when compared to US Government concerning my case

Republicans elected a new House Speaker, a goof(played a good one, but understood me not about his good vs evil) who also was involved in genocide against me on behalf of US Government. US Government which engaged in acts of terrorism since my early age despite my being Slovenian native with absolutely no connection other than being hijacked/trafficked also to US and from there at US Government needs through locations important to US espionage. US Government never ever bothered to ratify me its terrorism apart from king Charles who begun to hurry via Wikipedia founders on issue of the right to existence and the right to self termination and have

upon my obtaining US Citizenship in 2000 accommodated Russo Serbian Slovenian state best to its TERRORIST abilities. Mike Johnson was heavily involved in my case, but not as much as Kevin McCarthy. US Government introduced one to me for his future house speaker role sake through set of pictures of which screenshots I took - every one of these pictures was involved in MK Ultra torture
(set after extensive torture procedures and brainwashed infront of laptop on how to see whatever mainstream media will depict to public as in the future). This main stream media's government illustration for Mike Johnson sake was/is related to my previous post Titled as "Visit to father on October 22nd 2023" which currently is on draft due to additional material which needs to be uploaded to one. Next to terrorist blunder related to my case, Johnson could also well be a neonazi whose believes are in line with McCarthysms' mental sickening of the ally countries through involvement of PARADOX issues pertaining to WW2 raher than today - and for which a nazi belief of today in 2023 is to see itself(for affected countries such as Ukraine) rather in gradual competition with one another rather than as ally.

Obviously NO ASSISTANCE FOR UKRAINE doesn't mean no assistance for Israel - quite contrary for or in case of Mike Johnson....issue paradox enough to classify Johnson's attempt to sicken Ukrainian population with idea to redirect one toward unlikely WW2 issues rather than its needs of today.... through resentments for which people like Johnsons are responsible not Jews....
@Johnson - nobody fears your calls for death. You were a loser and always will remain as such. I don't think you can express support for Israel and deny one to Ukraine unless you are as stated above - a neonazi desperate to increase numbers for your cause at expense of those who are naive enough to settle for one. When in doubts you and your party, read its made even for half literate to understand.

Republicans nominate Mike Johnson for House speaker after Emmer's withdrawal, desperate to end chaos

Updated Wed, October 25, 2023 at 4:59 AM GMT+2·6 min read

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans chose Rep. Mike Johnson as their latest nominee for House speaker late Tuesday, hours after an earlier pick, Rep. , abruptly withdrew in the face of opposition from  and hardline GOP lawmakers.

Johnson of Louisiana, a lower-ranked member of the House GOP leadership team, becomes the fourth Republican nominee after Emmer and the others fell short in what has become an almost absurd cycle of political infighting since 's ouster as GOP factions jockey for power.

Refusing to unify, far-right members won’t accept a more traditional speaker and moderate conservatives don’t want a hardliner. During private balloting, Johnson won a majority, but ahead of an expected House floor vote Wednesday the nominee will need almost all Republicans to win the gavel.

“Mike! Mike! Mike!” lawmakers chanted at a press conference afterward, surrounding Johnson and posing for selfies in a show of support.

Three weeks on, the Republicans have been frittering away their majority status — a maddening embarrassment to some, democracy in action to others, but not at all how the House is expected to function.

Anxious and exhausted, Republican lawmakers are desperately trying to move on. “Pretty sad commentary on governance right now,” said Rep. Steve Womack, R-Ark. “Maybe on the fourth or fifth or sixth or 10th try we’ll get this thing right.”

After he withdrew Tuesday afternoon, Emmer briskly left the building where he had been meeting privately with Republicans. He said later at the Capitol that Trump's opposition did not affect his decision to bow out.

“I made my decision based on my relationship with the conference,” he said, referring to the GOP majority. He said he would support whomever emerges as the new nominee. “We'll get it done.”

Trump, speaking as he left the courtroom in New York where he faces business fraud charges, said his “un-endorsement” must have had an impact on Emmer’s bid.

“He wasn’t MAGA," said Trump, the party's front-runner for the 2024 presidential election, referring to his Make America Great Again campaign slogan.

House Republicans returned behind closed doors, where they spend much of their time, desperately searching for a leader who can unite the factions, reopen the House and get the U.S. Congress working again.

Attention quickly turned to Johnson, who was the second highest vote-getter on Tuesday morning's internal ballots.

A lawyer specializing in constitutional issues, Johnson had rallied Republicans around Trump’s legal effort to overturn the 2020 election results.

Elevating Johnson to speaker would giving Louisianans two high-ranking GOP leaders, putting him above Majority Leader , who was rejected by hardliners in his own bid as speaker.

But hardliners swiftly resisted Johnson's bid and a new list of candidates emerged. Among them was Reps. Byron Donalds of Florida, a Trump ally who ran third on the morning ballot, and a few others.

In the end, Johnson won 128 votes on the evening ballot, more than any other candidate. McCarthy, who was not on the ballot, won a surprising 43 votes.

One idea circulating, first reported by NBC News, was to reinstall McCarthy as speaker with hardline Rep. Jim Jordan in a new leadership role.

It was being pitched as a way to unite the conference, lawmakers said, but many said it would not fly.

“I think sometimes it’s good to have fresh ideas and fresh people,” said Rep. Victoria Spartz, R-Ind.

While Emmer won a simple majority in a morning roll call behind closed doors — 117 votes — he lost more than two dozen Republicans, leaving him far short of what will be needed during a House floor tally ahead.

Trump allies, including the influential hard-right instigator Steve Bannon, have been critical of Emmer. Some point to his support of a same-sex marriage initiative and perceived criticisms of the former president. Among the far-right groups pressuring lawmakers over the speaker’s vote, some quickly attacked Emmer.

Having rejected the top replacements, Scalise and the Trump-backed Jordan, there is no longer any obvious choice for the job.

With Republicans controlling the House 221-212 over Democrats, any GOP nominee can afford just a few detractors to win the gavel.

“We’re in the same cul-de-sac,” said Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., the chairman of the far-right House Freedom Caucus.

Yet Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C., one of the hardliners, said, “This is what democracy looks like.”

Republicans have been flailing all month, unable to conduct routine business as they fight amongst themselves with daunting challenges ahead.

The federal government risks a shutdown in a matter of weeks if Congress fails to pass funding legislation by a Nov. 17 deadline to keep services and offices running. More immediately, President Joe Biden has asked Congress to provide $105 billion in aid — to help Israel and Ukraine amid their wars and to shore up the U.S. border with Mexico. Federal aviation and farming programs face expiration without action.

Coming in a steady second in the morning balloting, Johnson offered his full support to Emmer. Others were eliminated during multiple rounds of voting, including Donalds and Rep. Kevin Hern of Oklahoma, a conservative leader and former McDonald’s franchise owner who plied his colleagues with hamburgers seeking their support. Reps. Austin Scott of Georgia, Jack Bergman of Michigan, Pete Sessions of Texas, Gary Palmer of Alabama and Dan Meuser of Pennsylvania also dropped out.

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, the hard-right leader who engineered McCarthy's ouster, has said several of those who were running — Hern, Donalds or Johnson — would make a “phenomenal” choice for speaker.

Nevertheless, Gaetz voted for Emmer, though others who joined in ousting McCarthy did not.

Many hardliners have been resisting a leader who voted for the budget deal that McCarthy struck with Biden earlier this year, which set federal spending levels that far-right Republicans don't agree with and now want to undo. They are pursuing steeper cuts to federal programs and services with next month's funding deadline.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia said she wanted assurances the candidates would pursue impeachment inquiries into Biden and other top Cabinet officials.

During the turmoil, the House is now led by a nominal interim speaker pro tempore, Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., the bow tie-wearing chairman of the Financial Services Committee. His main job is to elect a more permanent speaker.

Some Republicans — and Democrats — would like to simply give McHenry more power to get on with the routine business of governing. But McHenry, the first person to be in the position that was created in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks as an emergency measure, has declined to back those overtures.


Associated Press writer Jill Colvin in New York contributed to this report.

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