Wednesday, October 18, 2023

As for neighbor Dane Kolenc, he was involved since my age 11/12 - UDBA individual who often traveled to other parts of Yugoslavia with special UDBA clearance

Before one moved to Krka village and educated as mechanic/welder did job similar to police. Yugoslav police confident who moved to Krka village with goal to be near me per Yugoslav UDBA(per police - to keep eye on me as guy was and is a regular UDBA informer).

Serbia and Russia(USSR) had a plan. Plan was to wear and tear me down through torture/extreme violence before I would be delivered to Moscow and Belgrade through other parts of Yugoslavia and Russia. Kolenc escorted with police to Zagreb, Sarajevo, Maribor and other parts of Yugoslavia where UDBA engaged in acts of extreme violence against me.

 However, I had a plan too. Once I learned about what went on, I no longer wanted to expose myself to ultra violence in those parts of Yugoslavia(Croatian Zagreb was one of the worst if not the worst - packed with UDBA assassins who would arrive MAD next to their Sarajevo partners even to Belgrade to meet me after it was found that exactly the opposite was taking place in Serbian Belgrade and Moscow.). I instead begun to save myself for Belgrade and Moscow where I let all the hell loose. For Belgrade and Moscow went each time prior to my arrival there completely insane. Cars blowing horns, people trying luck with fists on busses was told and so on. 

Slovenia is still what one always was. Little Yugoslavia wannabe with a lots of teeth missing barely standing on its legs naked infront of the international community with nothing any longer to hide in respect to past and present at information age. Now singing "Druže Tito mi to se kunemo" with tears in eyes of lies due to all the LIES.

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