Monday, October 2, 2023

Coming Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou fights was one of the fights involved in MK Ultra with Francis preparing himself for one already since 2017.

That leaves Ngannou doing boxing with Mike Tyson on the side of it all for already 6+ years.

Tyson Fury figured out will be happy to go down in third round and up, but I believe will not make it to second round against Francis unless he purchased rounds from Ngannou and what I believe case was/will be. Tyson, however, had also fight with Oleksandr Usyk arranged ahead of loss from Ngannou for the future which he 100% will won - used to compensate for coming loss against Ngannou.

Some 1000 fights were involved in this MK Ultra genocide which was used upon fall of the USSR to totally deprive me of any value worth to live for in this world.

Days of Evander Buster Hollyfield Mike Tyson, Douglas, Lennox are far far far over with but this was when real boxing went on(its where and when Ngannou wouldn't make to second round against anyone I mentioned). Boxing and Mixed martial/UFC are two totally different things with boxers trained as mixed martial art fighters taking down absolutely every mixed martial art competitor down with greatest ease, never ever vice versa.
Emelianenko is a prefect example of what I stated above.

Tyson Fury DOESN'T HAVE what it takes to bury opponent with a single punch, two, three - but all guys I mentioned above did(bone crushers with ability to punish smallest mistakes and who entered rings to kill not play).

I like Tyson Fury(is a good person in my opinion), but facts are facts. 

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