Saturday, October 21, 2023

Turkey played a major role in Russian invasion on Ukraine in 2022 - Israel' representatives such as Netanyahu, however, stated me will not even deliver promised tanks(I mean EVER)

For that matter too, I knew whom I was dealing with. I hardly can imagine what Ukraine
would look like today without Turkish military aid to Ukraine. The beginnings were crucial for Ukrainian assistance and Turkey was a number one player when it all started. As for Merkava tanks as Netanyahu alone stated me, those never ever will made to Ukraine.

What Turkey supplied.

A contract for Bayraktar TB2 drones was signed in November 2018. The first drones were delivered in March 2019.[474][475] 2 Ada-class corvettes were ordered by the Ukrainian Navy in December 2020, the first ship was laid down in September 2021.[476][477][478] Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters were modernized by Turkey to include laser guidance capabilities and were armed with Cirit and UMTAS air-to-surface missiles in November 2021.[479]

Unmanned combat aerial vehicles

  • 30+ Bayraktar TB2 [Delivered from March 2022 onwards] (Half donated by Baykar Tech, the other half sold at half the price).[480][481]

Reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle

  • 24 Mini-Bayraktars [March 2022] (All donated by Baykar Tech).[480][481]

(Guided) multiple rocket launchers

Air-to-air missiles

  • Sungur IIR-guided MANPADS and munition (For Bayraktar TB2) [To be delivered].[480]

Electronic warfare equipment

  • Ground-based electronic warfare equipment [Summer 2022].[480][482]
  • Airborne electronic warfare equipment (for Bayraktar TB2) [Summer 2022].[480][482]

Mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles

Infantry mobility vehicles

  • Otokar Cobra IIs [May 2023].[480]


  • Unknown mortars [Delivered before October 2022].[480][484]

Small arms

  • Heavy machine guns for use against loitering munitions [To be delivered].[480]


  • 100,000 155mm artillery rounds [Delivered from November 2022 onwards].[480]
    • 155mm DPICM cluster bombs [Delivered from November 2022 onwards].[485][486]
  • MAM-L guided bombs (For Bayraktar TB2) [Delivered from March 2022 onwards].[480][481]
  • MAM-C guided bombs (For Bayraktar TB2) [Delivered from March 2022 onwards].[480][481]

Military gear

Miscellaneous equipment

  • Generators [November 2022][480]


Anti-drone systems

  • Unspecified anti-drone systems [September 2022] (delivered by an Israeli defence contractor to Ukraine indirectly through Poland, and the United States)[247][248]
  • Missile warning system [May 2023].[249]


  • 7 armored ambulances [Delivered From December 2022 to January 2023][250]

Military gear[251][252]

  • 3,500 helmets [2,000 in April 2022, further 1,500 in June]
  • 2,000 bulletproof vests [500 in April 2022, further 1,500 in June]
  • 1,000 gas masks [June 2022]
  • "hundreds" of mine protection suits [June 2022]
  • "dozens" of hazmat filtration systems [June 2022]


  • Intelligence regarding drones used by Russian forces [From November 2022].[253][254]

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