Sunday, October 22, 2023

king Charles' Margarita pizza !!??? Absolute garbage

It was a pizza that looked just as if rats would ate all cheese from one(holodomor pizza - a pizza crust covered with some tomato  and barely any cheese on one designed for you to loose interest in pizza for ever - like using clumsy tennis rackets or heavy thick hard action fishing rods for float fishing). The cheapest ever torture intermezzo pizza. prince Andrew, however, had a normal taste for one. But that too didn't help me at the table where only one pizza or one piece was allowed. Andrew lessened me on my weight and Charles on cheese as per what is healthy and what not what problems I will be facing in the future. Absolute rubbish. It was not like at the evening when alcohol as usual played main role. Something I declined to have anything to do with in face of British royals since 30 years ago.

They wanted me to hate everything including pizza. Pizza with new kidneys special...


King Charles reveals his favourite pizza topping - and not everyone will be a fan

King Charles is known for his healthy diet but he also likes the occasional pizza. But many royal fans will be unimpressed when they find out his favourite topping.


King Charles and a photo of a pizza

King Charles's favourite pizza topping is very simple (Image: Getty, PA)

 is  as he is said to follow a very healthy diet, which includes homegrown vegetables, small meals and eggs from his chickens at Highgrove House.

But even His Royal Highness  once in a while and enjoy a nice takeaway.

And as Charles revealed himself, he's a big fan of a good old margarita pizza.

The monarch, as Prince of Wales, spoke about his favourite pizza topping during a visit to Scotland in 2019.

Charles was presented with a pizza by chef Erminio Di Meo in St Boswells.

King Charles is s given a pizza as he arrives in Melrose, Scotland

King Charles is a given a pizza as he arrives in St Boswells (Image: Getty)

The pizza chef told PA: "I wanted to give him the pizza as he is such a big part of this country.

"He was curious, he smiled and I said, 'It's a Margherita'. I believe the Prince said, 'It's my favourite'."

Charles is presented with a pizza by chef Erminio Di Meo in St Boswells

Charles is presented with a pizza by chef Erminio Di Meo in St Boswells (Image: PA)

The monarch is known to have a soft spot for Italian cuisine according to former royal chef Darren McGrady.

One of his favourite dishes for dinner includes a rack of lamb sous vide with wild mushroom risotto, McGrady claimed.

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