Monday, October 16, 2023

My education was encompassed with regular ECT - the so called electroshock therapies used to erase not only memories on MK Ultra bestialities endured

Since early age and was used at large to block me from adult education which I somehow completed anyways, but nowhere near as it should be.

For this portion of genocide was used to ongoingly insult me in school and at home where father and mother even hired private tutors to assist me. To prove validity of such genocide against me, the whole education completed for mechanical engineering technician ranked far bellow local Roma members of which some didn't complete even grammar school and with whom Slovenian police/politicians demanded based on forced unemployment and violence to compete with. Vladimir Putin had with his Russian colleagues a lots of laugh about it, but there essential was no difference between him and his Western counter parts - specially British royals who were obsessed/fascinated with all forms of existing violence against me demonstrating world through hunger for genocide just what can be done to man(supported with everything they had Milan Kučan, Milošević, Jospi Broz Tito, ISRAEL's you will never accomplish single thing in life motto).

My father claimed to all involved I was mentally ill(nothing to worry about - claimed stated to me on million occasions) just to be proven wrong time and again and off course for "game" going.

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