Sunday, October 29, 2023

Psychitrist Peter Kapš insisted during MK Ultra with investigators that I must under NO CIRCUMSTANCES if no longer willing to pay father a visitations to home for elderly

announce such issue on my blog as Kapš and police claimed I cite, "THEY WILL IMMEDIATELY KILL HIM" was all about them. Kapš and police DEMANDD from me to keep silent about if unwilling to visit one, but that was to kill him and suggest me how I didn't care(visible from visits) for one...Kapš and police repeated to me this issue over and over again for even suggesting me he would recuperate if I wouldn't pay one visits I cite, "and what would be seen as if your father would recuperate in case you no longer would visit one"...

Not for father nor for his roommates, there is no physical exercise. No physical therapy in that home for elderly in Novo mesto. Its like a last station before they dump one into the grave.

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