Tuesday, October 24, 2023

It was Israeli state officials who claimed me I will never ever get to see Shani Louk again

Not Palestinians. I call people of Palestine to let go those 200 prisoners if truly in your possession as the only difference that it makes to hold them is to justify Israeli mistreatment against you - numbers again show that a real terrorist in respect to hijacking prisoners was and is none other than Israel and for a very very long time so. Just let them go and DELIVER YOURSELF TO PALESTINE A TURKISH MILITARY(NATO) to train your troops and participate along them in your state affairs concerning Gaza border. Shani probably is half Israeli(could also be Palestinian, but I think Israeli) and it really makes no difference. If you have her and you are about to release her, video record the whole thing to have proof at hand against possible claims from the other side of the border. You must create national register for you to know for every weapon located in Gaza. I hope UN will also take effort to somehow finance and participate in as stated above security measures. Gaza is on the brink of collapse with every housing structure barely standing(all cracked due to explosions it became evident during inspections of Gaza housing projects) and with close to no hope. Universities and employment are necessary and not self destructive insane Iranian politics in tiny overcrowded state next to nuclear military superpower known as Israel. 

And the worst thing you can do to yourself is to hold American citizens against their will during war which Hamas provoked.

@Israel - its pure Semites you are killing

'Cut off from the world' Aside from the 4,000 residents of the Gaza Strip, most of whom are held at the Sde Teyman military camp, about 6,000 Palestinians are imprisoned in Israeli jails and detention centres.

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