Sunday, May 1, 2022

While police game initiated by psychiatrists in respect to father is incredibly interesting game

 I am the one who can at any moment fall down and die on spot. I know would too in my situation. Symptoms I suffer from are no joke(its real - not joke) and this for 5 years already.

Father on death bed yesterday, campaigned via delirium on which I was severely brainwashed under MK Ultra literately for Ljubljana psychiatry, Kučan/Pahor team, police, and even major of Novo mesto.

So lets take more time....this whole thing is a regular public murder attempt - and desperately pushed down throat too...

Nothing is wrong with me in my case yet at any time I can drop dead.

His whole stay throughout stroke issue was planned under MK Ultra as "you will see father never again if you say this or that"...this is a regular police crime initiated via health services.

If I don't spend day walking/exercising(consuming several water today) - I can't even imagine weather I will be alive till tomorrow... ex police officer who sold me car even doubt me that car I bough from her will not be my last car ever as per my being dead...and she did so to help me spread truth about what goes on. I will play that audio before the one from yesterday. Buckingham palace appeared to have paid extremely well to Slovenia - I have seen this throughout my stay in Poland.

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