Monday, May 9, 2022

They will make father 100% disappear

 Father claimed infront of Ogulin(director of N.M. police), Novo mesto major and others that all he has are them least a room at spa hotel for as long as alive ...they figured out for one to be too much precious for them as well due to negotiations which Slovenian judiciary system would use to rationalize with prosecution penalty terms.

Mother indicated upon her return from hospital TODAY his "UNSURE" mental status one insisted me under MK Ultra he would display if I wouldn't clearly indicate/side with 

him...psychiatrist Kapš insisted on how he want father away from home for some time for mother and myself to see how it is without one and how this would e last opportunity to get read of him before one would become a life time burden...

Americans and British displayed joyful behavior claimed, "that will be good one inside of the hospital where he used to go for psychiatric checks"....and with this very bullshit my life is being regulated in the name of GOOD CRIME !!???? GOOD AND BAD....CRIMINALS.



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