Monday, May 9, 2022

ROYALISM = CRIME...CRIMINAL, DELINQUENT BIG ENOUGH TO UNDERMINE SOCIAL LADDERS SUCH AS HEALTHCARE, COURTS, POLICE ETC - Royals and eastern European politicians managed to pull into social murder(they referred to mauling/hurting through forced unemployment any psychiatry as MK Ultra) numerous people from all parts of the world

 For this CASE to be released publicly, a lots of people would go behind bars for life. Will never come out, but this is what new political trend dictates. To be royal means to be a REGISTERED criminal even if you yourself are bound to have a good character. One is compelled to socialize with whom else than other royals from all over the world - one look at the strongest monarchy in the world, and you will understand all the circumstances of street workers in Thailand, Rome, and other parts of the must satisfy their needs/taste or face ultimate failure.

There are good and bad "journalists" prince Harry claimed me. Bad journalists are made and don't last(all endup sooner than not dead - deals are sealed before they begun to write), so it matters not who what writes - the worst thing than can happen to royal is to be ignored/unseen. The one that lives longer is always right. 

Sure is amazing how cabal of death pushes children and babies daily in our faces with smiley faces on daily magazines/front pages while world around us is burning, but stated above works for them and for many of you...

Social killings(murderous rituals as was mine) are prelude into new era in which crime will broaden wider and wider to satisfy needs of greatest world powers. More wars and less worries....its a trend.

There is no health care(abortion issues the most and even those are at stake) with health insurance in hands, world in which police advocated crime, say that you sleep 4 hours to physician and he will accuse you of having of having schizophrenia with which you were labeled 10 years ago...not difficult to reign like this.

Human rights organisations, criminal courts etc. are private property of criminal cabal. And make noooo mistake, they(royals who else to prove you yourself are right, but there is no way to save you via social platforms such as courts/law enforcement etc. as they involved in crime are too big to be considered  - therefore, no way to save you other than to make you disappear, but to do just that it must be proven TO SOCIETY that you were not at fault) will come to "rescue" if you are willing to act as dead - invisible...they do tend to prove their point of view(usefulness - social justice wise and wrap crime against targeted as form of help which is kept somewhat preferably secretly) to society and other instances of social ladders as NO WAY THE ONLY WAY....interested in giving you proofs, hell yeah as explained...


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