Thursday, May 5, 2022

Mr. Nedžad Lović is no victim of psychiatry and police - he is a close friend of police and psychiatrist Tatjana Prokšelj - Nedžad was a MK Ultra staff member involved in my case

 Nedžad is a 1/3 Muslim and 2/3 of Serbian origins(depends how he want to be seen as), but his involvement in my MK Ultra case goes waaaay back to 2004 and earlier...he is from same region in Bosnia as above mentioned psychiatrist(practically is her Banja Luka area neighbor) which also handled my case and was involved in one since her age of 15 - her mother used to bring me home. 

Tatjana just as Nedžad would bring me along to Banja Luka area with them...then she would either drop me or at times took me along with her - she owns quite a few properties there as 

well...Aleksandar Vućić referred to Tatjana(and to few other candidates from Slovenia - the so called leftists that pay no taxes on their properties in Belgrade and all over Serbian part of Bosnia etc.) as potential Serbian president...

Mimogrede ker je bilo pač govora o 

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