Friday, May 6, 2022

Mother left today whole scenario behind disappearance of father which was supported at large by hospital physicians as well as by psychiatrist Kapš

Scenario from hospital staff insisted on how health will improve one a bit and then next day death certificate would be issued. Kapš insisted infront of mother on how best would be for father to disappear at this stage as is nothing but problems with older people on how he recalled his or his wife's father at his old age whatever how many problems - lack of piece etc...father, on the other hand, threatened me in respect to Šmarješke Toplice therme for which major and other c,aimed got him room for life with I cite, "IF YOU WILL TAKE EVEN THIS FROM ME LALALALA"...and b.s. show went on, on how I would meet one upon return home one day inside of his fishing storage room etc...
From black hat on pallets, pallets occupying seating area(were delivered earlier today), and black bag mother used for what she claimed would be a death certificate issued the next day...

So far, I haven't seen other than Milan Kučan with masks of people that surrounded me - specially father....not that someone would give shit about me.

Psychiatrist(psychopath sicko - clearly individual is a mentally ill maniac) Peter Kapš was abusive in particular with issues I cite, "will observe you and based on how you will act will or not return you your father"....lets see how it goes.

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