Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Marat Gabidullin was a one of the first MK Ultra staff members - in Poland and elsewhere

Participated in Putin's team since 1996 and Peskov(a real nobody) doesn't know who Mr. Gabidullin is !!??? If it was for people like Mr. Marat Gabidullin, there never would be war between Ukraine and Russia, and Russia alone would be applying for EU membership. Putin is a national and global disaster. I was shocked when I learned he will go on to join some private Russian military group, but then again who do you think Wagner owners are !!??? They and and Gabidullin were also in Slovenia in this very room - met with Americans and others...Peskov doesn't know one, but West and myself do GOOD GUY AND I HOPE WEST HELPS ONE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. HIS FATHER MOVED TO MOSCOW WHERE ONE MARRIED RUSSIAN LADY, BUT ORIGINALLY HE WAS FROM PERHAPS EVEN UKRAINE. HAS A SISTER WHO GOT MARRIED IN PERHAPS 2000 - 2002...

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