Thursday, May 12, 2022

卐JOE卍 BIDEN'S AMERICA IN A DEAD END SPIRAL / WHEN DEEP-FAKES MEET REALITY: Deepfake genius Elon Musk(Coca Cola Twitter Hitler) found his Chinese doppelganger back in 2012 when campaigning for nazism in China - says lazy Americans 'are trying to avoid going to work at all,' unlike Chinese workers who 'will be burning the 3 a.m. oil' - concerned for Japanese birthrate

While I don't like idea about Japanese decline of birth myself, one is at all times high at 125 million people. 347 people per square kilometre vs lets say German 233 or Elon Musk's native South African 49 per square mile...what makes Coca Cola Twitter Hitler Adolf wanna be, however, is his zest to blend fake image of nobody into the picture of historic figures

which truly made difference for humanity... to blend as much as possible into Slavic world, Musk launched his sponsored by US Government on behalf of white South African and Dutch board of billionaires a brand known as "TESLA"(name stolen from Nicola Tesla) - its how revolution of chosen one commenced and have broadened his interference into the world of politics through meetings inside of this very house since 1996 when he was allowed to participate next to top politicians and royalties from around the world with a single thought on their mind - join economy into one bigggg neonazi swastika. Faker than fake and handpicked by myself due to human trafficking to South Africa, Musk continues his prearranged INSANITY show on global stage via paid media at expense of myself who, however, was diagnosed for sake of Donald Trump's show(Musk is a apprentice of Donald Trump) to go on in 2013 with paranoid schizophrenia illness by Serbo Slovenian chetniks on behalf of Moscow...

Why a  world where normal are diagnosed(don't think nothing special even that Musk/Trump and other billionaires I have met are a regular homeless drug addicted statistics when compared to myself - they couldn't accomplish 5% of what I did) with mental illness IDIOTS TOO CAN LOOK GENIUSES NOT ONLY AS NORMAL - IF YOU STASH THEIR POCKETS WITH MONEY AS IS CASE WITH MUSH FOR SURE.

From CHEAP TRASH media - where you too can buy your space in readers heads for little to nothing...Elon Musk and other "entrepreneurs" WERE ALLOWED TO BRING ALONG TO OUR NOVO MESTO HOUSE IN SLOVENIA THEIR OWN TRASH WORLD MEDIA EXPERTS(LETS SAY BRITISH ROYALS AND OTHERS HAVE used since 1997 two years after it all started)... Guardian, CNN and top media appeared on behalf of TOP politicians who wanted their news to look in future like this and like that on what entrepreneurs also got their chance to bring on picture cheaper outlets through which entrepreneurs CAR ASSEMBLY ALIKE GENIUSES(NBA/boxing sports etc.) FROM USA AND ELSEWHERE begun to brainwash on how they would want their news to look like in respect to certain issues which will change world in the future - this report of mine, make no mistake, is reveals in close details crime behind scenes as much as possible so you get to understand who and how delivers your daily news on your front doors...


I know so because fake Chinese Elon Musk met me in person in 2012/2013 and during same session in China, the two shook hands.

I will not bother copy pasting SCHIZOPHRENIC COPYRIGHTED material in here, and will instead only demonstrate you cheap media where you too can buy your space - where you can go and purchase your own "journalist" who will cover stories for you the way you and efficient WORLD OF LIES AND DEMENTIA KNOWN AS FREE MEDIA...

@Musk - vidiš, takoj si postal še pametnejši. In to zastonj. Tako so narejeni geniji tako da vse to je seveda samo pomoč.


Korean War vet, 91, has been on a 70-year search for Japanese woman he says was his first love

 Rebecca Moon

A 91-year-old Korean War Navy veteran is hoping to find his first love, who he met during his time as a second class petty officer in Japan in 1953.

Duane Mann, 91, wrote a Facebook post on May 1 hoping to find someone who recognizes the woman in a photo he took in 1953, whose name he says is Peggy Yamaguchi. In the post, Mann explains that while he was stationed in Japan from 1953 to 1954 at age 23, he met Yamaguchi at an Air Force NCO Club, where he worked as a slot machine repairman in his spare time and Yamaguchi worked as the “hat check girl.”

Mann recalls spending “a lot of time dancing together,” leading the two to fall in love and begin a relationship less than six months after meeting each other.

The couple planned to get married within three months; however, Mann was discharged two months early and sent back to the U.S. The 91-year-old says he had no choice but to leave her behind and that she was also pregnant at the time.

After returning home to Iowa in 1954, Mann discovered that his father had spent all of his savings, which he had planned to use to bring Yamaguchi to the U.S. Mann and Yamaguchi exchanged letters each week until, he says, he stopped receiving them after about a month.

Three months later, Mann received a letter from Yamaguchi stating that she had lost the baby and was married to an Air Force man from Wisconsin.

He also discovered that his mother had been burning Yamaguchi’s letters “because she didn’t want [him] to marry a Japanese girl.” He recalled feeling “devastated and deeply confused” at that moment and was “completely destroyed.”

“I don't know why I didn't become violently angry as I was so completely distroyed [sic] at the moment. So, I have spent the [last] 70 years trying to find Peggy because the most haunting thing of all is that she must have figured that I ABANDED [sic] HER!! I have never been able to shed this thought and have lived now to the age of 91 and carry a very heavy heart because of what all happened,” Mann wrote.

Mann added that he does not know Yamaguchi’s Japanese first name or her possible husband’s name and is hoping that someone who finds his Facebook post will recognize Yamaguchi.

"I AM HOPING, WITH ALL MY HEART, that this last posting can be SHARED to the extent that I may reach Peggy or a member of her family," he writes in his post.

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