Sunday, May 1, 2022

How this will end I have nooooo clue as I won this case already, yet crime goes on regardless - but if I make through and the day one becomes recognized

 Major of Novo mesto city, Kučan/Pahor, both police directors, Kapš WILL GET MY PERSONAL VISIT AND ALL THE ATTENTION CRIME SQUAD CAN GIVE CRIMINALS THE VERY SAME DAY...make no mistake about it. The day light if not for other form of punishment, you guys will never ever see again. 

I don't give a 3 fucks about "if I don't make it"....I don't even know if stuff I am doing any longer as I stated above is worth doing it - its a regular murder attempt.

28 years of life ruined through nothing but torture which involved MK Ultra beatings, death threats implemented through poisoning and severe deprivation of sleep - all enforced via forced joblessness and psychiatry - denial of the right to real health services due to health concerns they age 50 without anything to live for struggling for bare survival....

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