Saturday, May 7, 2022

Father who understood nothing yesterday, did managed to do some Hitler salutes during what I insisted on due paranoia they incited me during MK Ultra - a physical exercise

A father's roommate is a father Bosnian who son moved from Ljubljana to Maribor via Borut Pahor in 2008 or so...

Father who spoke Serbo Croat just as good as Slovenian due time length of time he spent in Serbia, couldn't understand any of it yesterday - not a word and just as asserted by psychiatrist Kapš case will be and what I can use to prove one faking from my point of view(Kapš at that point would even flock on my side but I am afraid he and others understood little next to his British patrons on how I will view future crime)....father, however, was capable to recall neighbor Župančič who insisted on father's grave and property purchase(delivered and audio recorded show to me by 90 old Župančič just day or two earlier 150 meters from home)...father further managed to inserted Kapš phrase into multi scenario which gestured psychiatry to handle me for the rest of my life with I cite, "or you will do whatever they will write"(you will eat psychiatric pills)....

Father in law of Kolenc, Mr. Župančič was involved in crime for all the wrong reasons. Župančič's son in law Kolenc(both are neighbors), however, was one of the main criminals who ran torture operation inside of our house and at times even abroad - Janez Ogulin(now Novo mesto director) DEMANDED from me to see his in Dane Kolenc or else.

I do not appreciate Slovenian fractions involved into political circus for the last 28 years such as even Jelinčič who called themselves as royals, some rode horses with swords in their hands to pose for newspapers infront of castles(Šiško lets say) lambasting Roma community and foreign immigrants rather than to ADDRESS WAR ON SLOVENIA AS WHAT MY CASE WAS ...thus addressing all issues possible even degrading yourself for the sake of war that is taking place and tall on natives is a no no for me....a single parliamentarian and radio station is and or few leaflets distributed to population in case no radio station available would answer to all dilemmas, but SLOVENIAN NATION RUSHED TO VOTING POLES WHILE ENGAGING IN SO CALLED MK ULTRA - REGULAR TORTURE/ASSASSINATION RITUAL.

That is why I do not recognize Slovenia as sovereign state nor Slovenian nation as nation. There is Slovenia and there is Slovenia. I was the one who tutored father to even to Hitler salute(going days without sleep and endure physical abuse from police via psychiatry, his friends and him alone) during MK Ultra as he too needed excuses for HIS SLOVENIA.


Slovenia should announce Milan Kučan(they live like kings and queens even better) as queen as was and remains the one who murders on plain day light without enduring single legal scratch

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