Monday, May 9, 2022

Entering and exiting room(MY ROOM IN SLOVENIA), prince Harry claimed I cite, "Nothing for as long as one stays up there, this flag murdered my family lalala"


Flag is staying up there. Russian imperial flag along Belarus and Swedish was thrown down...problem is not listed up there. Problem were three generations OF YOU(from your family - from Phillip to yourself) I had to deal with through human trafficking which commenced since 1995(Miami)...and this case from here on(I will tell you now), you will never get right regardless of which turn you take.

I didn't go to US in 1995 with idea to write  about any of this in fact none of this was my interest(WHO GAVE A SHIT ABOUT ROYALS ANYWAYS AND EVEN MORE SO ABOUT THEIR RUSSIAN COUSINS - I HAD A LIFE TO LIVE INFRONT OF ME AT AGE 23 THAT INSTEAD TURNED INTO MUCH WORST THAN THE WORST NIGHTMARE) but I HAVE DONE IT AFTER-ALL despite even myself - despite totally different life purpose I had...

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