Saturday, May 7, 2022

During father's visit, I have managed to identify few more people but didn't not confirm as stated bellow

 ---A Bosnian physician I identified today to obtain COVID pass into hospital became known even in London because I have expressed interest in her and she did in me during MK Ultra. Her farther is of Serbian origins and mother Bosnian(not confirmed, but 100% fact). She went to study to Ljubljana in 2015 confirmed. If she takes her mask off her face, I am to either kiss her or loose her for good was told(under MK Ultra - and when I wanted to claim my kiss at Trška gora during MK Ultra tour in 2017 or so terrible fight broke out between me and male who accompanied us). It was immediately that William and Harry got their fingers on her...she is hot. All the politicians learned about her including Mr. Zelensky ;) and Putin...

---Young nurse that I met today(very nice nurse and I hope I haven't made wrong impression after inquiring about father's exercise routine) and whom I asked for help in respect to father on several occasions(tall girl in her thirties), came to work at neurology department where my father is right after male nurse I have identified during father's visit - not verified but 100% fact(around 2010)

---Security officer I met at the entrance(Benjamin Netanyahu's replica - doppelganger somewhat) used to be a police officer till 2008(not confirmed) who also had daughter marriage ready in 2010(not confirmed, but you can bet as I was in his little house with wife etc.).

Tomorrow about psychiatrist Kapš's shizoa I got today during father's visit....ohhhh, upon return home a man who used to issue death certificates at Novo mesto administration unit till sometimes till 2015 or 2017 crossed a semaphore light as pedestrian infront of me - neighbor police officer would often times take me for a visit to one...not confirmed, but I am quite sure about it...father acted as if he wouldn't understand SerboCroatian language, but whole thing was a folly arraigned with mother on behalf of police...

Mother acted hysterical about disappearance from public in final stages of MK Ultra as a must to disappear on time and other suggested a whole set of circumstances of which perhaps best one was of Prokšelj who claimed made a deal with public prosecutor to serve short sentence pay some fine and thats it - even disappear to Bosnia(its exactly what I do not want - others set politic for her - Slovenia is completely unregulated state/nation where anything went/goes as long as is in line with Slovenian queen known as Milan Kučan - WOMEN HAVE THE LEAST FOLD IN IT AND WHOLE THING COULD HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY EASY TO STOP ALREADY IN 1995 OR AT ANY OTHER TIME RATHER THAN TO CONTINUE TO WITNESS CRIME ON LARGER AND LARGER SCALE, BUT IT WAS NO CONVENIENT FOR ENTIRE SLOVENIAN POLITICAL SPECTER - from wars in Bosnia, Croatia and now even to Ukraine)...

@Slovenia - same way as you declared Belgrade attack on you in 1990 is how you should have announced to nation urgency of my case. First through parliament and/or along radio/tv station(on what once nation became familiarized) higher instances on global scale should  have been contacted BUT IT TWAS NOT CONVENIENT FOR YOU. I WOULD COME OUT AS EXTREMELY PATHETIC HUMAN BEING FOR TRYING TO POLITICIZE UNITY WHICH YOU DISPLAYED FOR THE SAKE OF CORRUPTION. This is not a matter than concerns single one individual, but instead entire community.

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