Thursday, September 6, 2018

Why I must be helped

Just yesterday(on 5th), I have received decision about my application for political asylum in Poland as unacceptable since Slovenia of which citizen I am is EU member state. 

Decision was submitted to me in form of letter from what appears to be Polish Immigration Department as was/is in Polish language. 

Letter was submitted to me personally by receptionist at Debak's 
reception center(near Warsaw) who also stated me the reason for 
rejection of application as is explained above.

I am asking you for assistance in this matter because:

1) EU law in respect to safety of refugees which are EU citizens is 
totally illegal - its like saying that there is no government and other 
crime on territory of EU that takes place against its citizens.

2) Polish politic was involved in my case for which claim I have 
physical proofs and have already submitted one to ICC(International Criminal Court).

Proofs about case as seen  bellow:

3) Poland alone is under attack just as is Ukraine - I was tortured
 severely in Slovenia(several assassination attempts took place) for
 the sake of new Yugoslavia(great Serbia).

4) I don't have any other place to go other than Poland - my case
involves multiple governments on global level...I had no more than 
18 grosh left entire month and have received just yesterday 200 Zloty for clothing and other necessities...meaning I have no money for attorney or translators(not even for much needed physical examination).

Please help me with this matter in Poland.

I am almost 47 years old and without family of my own because of
case as described which involved top government politicians.

Thank you for your help.
Bostjan Avsec


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