Sunday, September 23, 2018

I feel pitty for Moscow and even more for entire Russian society which didn't

Progress much from century ago
Russia presents extremely serious threat to civilized world.
Girl is psychologist and friend of Andreja Jeric - Slovenian nurse who expressed interest in me when subjected to MKultra and would latter pay me hose visitations per Belgrade. She too became subject to primitive Moscowian Belgradian politics and have consequently resented me deeply. I am sorry to have caused all this problems and would do anything to correct them.

Russia famous for rapes in the past didn't change even a bit...feel for Russian women. Putan Putanowich(he injected via his crew an individual in her life) life threatened for posting what you are about to hear...I wander what did Melania saw when she met him NOT, but its why(so Moscow wouldn't look as bad) Trump(a financial criminal and a serial rapist), and  was elected as president as well no !!??????

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