Thursday, September 20, 2018

STAFF MEMBER WAS IDENTIFIED'S DONALD TRUMP NEWS: Donald Trump's values have nothing to do with Poland and I have no interest in what he has to offer

YESTERDAY'S NEWS: Trump lied and did nothing else that lied for no less than 17 years - lied almost throughout entire MKULTRA case...but he didn't lied only to me, he lied also to others involved in MKULTRA of which many were/are young Polish people which assisted him and others as staff members. His(and George Bush and others') lies(promises) to me turned also into lies which were thrown in almost same way to others...on the side of the lies, Trump and his team prepared the way on how to screw me and everyone else.
I am completely disinterested in life in a country because of which I was tortured(even brought from one so Belgrade and KGB could release their brainy scenarios because of which world sees them as smart today - just being sarcastic here as everyone understands well what is in there).

I will stay in Poland and will not go anywhere...I have met ex staff(from MKULTRA) members and they met me...I feel that this people need me and I feel that I need them. I feel that we must all restore faith in ourselves.

They liked me from MKULTRA times because I made them laugh(I hope cry at times too because there is no gain without pain...what doesn't break you, makes you stronger for sure...I was also hurt much much more in process of MKULTRA and afterwards...and everyone of them looked very good/strong...and strong makes you when dealing with issues which if it wasn't for me they probably would never ever have to deal with) and probably because there was much about me they didn't know about....Poland is beautiful(the most beautiful so far for my taste and In am very well accepted bye the people - it feels like real home despite temporary shortage of money) and I see no reason to therefore search for Donald Trump's excuses elsewhere(I have tasted on my own skin on what it means to live in Donald Trump's world - West)...

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