Sunday, September 2, 2018

We have a wonderful team of operatives here

Kurdish operative talks to me in Kurdish language which off course I understand(just being sarcastic here as these people would love nothing more than to teach me their languages - its how their primitive psychology works and I resent this type of radicalization treatment to certain Polish officials - its all per KGB) and wants me to recharge him telephone card which is from England(just throw 25 pounds on one + it makes sense when you are in Poland, so you can call England) and name of the company according to him is 3G(he only has 13 numbers long number - he is not stupid, but he hopes I am).

His family is in England according to him and so on...

All in all, they re sophisticated - they all have their program going...we don't know what headphones are in here(I do, but many do not)...Polish dinner from kitchen served at 4/5pm is not suitable for them because its of "low quality"(its good, but they cook their own and eat one in the room at 2200/2300 hours). Then we have night promenades go on and so on...

They gestured under MKULTRA on how I will have to make ultimate choice...if I will seat in the kitchen next to Mid Easterners, I will go to mid east and if next to Russians, I will be hijacked to Russia. Radicalization is the world I have for all this.

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