Thursday, September 20, 2018

In Slovenia(where I ran from and from where over 30.000 natives move out yearly - out of total 1.7 million Slovenes) civil war is approaching - paramilitary unites are formed with idea to overthrow UDBA(same as STASI) government

The impossible became reality under murderous Belgrade/Moscow's agent Borut Pahor. But he was well assisted by other in this matter...
By far worst genocide is known as "economic" genocide. Known also as search for "better job" across the border(abroad) job while having foreigners move in from second country for the sake of new population structure which is used to erode(/substitute/subvert) base of the nation. There is nooo law anywhere that mentions "blacklisting/blackballing" people on job market and I wonder NOT why....

Plenty in Slovenia and Poland should be interested in seen here as even ORIGINS of Slovenian people were rewritten(reclassified into) on internet from western Slavic into Southern Slavic group. 

For this we have to thank foremost to Polish brothers known as Kaczyńskis - THEIR justification translated to them by Borut Pahor for what grew into what you see on this site was viewed as rational since half of Slovenia didn't even exist under Austria/Italy/Hungary occupations...the question, however, exists whether is okay to cleanse us Slovenes(basically Slovaks as this is what we were before Hungarian/German occupation) out of our own lands for the sake of other Slavs(not Croats and others in this case, but for the sake of Greater Serbia which was also known previously as notorious Yugoslavia - blew itself up in 1991 with chain of wars which Serbs engaged in against other Southern Slavic nations).

If okay Mr. Kaczyński, we should look forward to the same situation soon as well in Poland(already is happening, but on much smaller scale)

Amazingly did fascist dictator in Slovenia(appointed as president by Belgrade/Moscow Borut Pahor) expressed even concern after social media images revealed a masked armed group led by an ex-presidential candidate...the pro Belgrade/Moscowian UDBA paranoid is obviously afraid of even slightest word(proof) that could come out of iron curtain of lunacy which he created along with his partners.

Traitors of Pahor's proportions have gone as far as taking debt(47 bil. USD what Slovenia owes now) for the sake of Serbia to rebuild one after NATO intervention in 1999(Serbia with 7 mil. people - the worst economy in Europe because of which entire Yugoslavia have fallen apart now owes 32 bil. and tiny Slovenia 47 bil USD). And for that matter, we have to thank also to Mr. Milan Kucan !!!

Slovenia not alone

Over 10.000 murdered already(Russian terrorism goes on in Ukraine 24/7) in Ukraine for the sake of new USSR...Crimea stolen and eastern part of Ukraine gone as well...


Slovenia politician's masked militia sparks alarm

Slovenian President Borut Pahor has expressed concern after social media images revealed a masked armed group led by an ex-presidential candidate.

Fringe far-right politician Andrej Sisko said his group - seen conducting training drills - would "secure public peace and order" if needed.

President Pahor said there was no place for such a group in the country.

Police are investigating the group, which posed with assault rifles but denies being a paramilitary unit.

Videos posted on Facebook show some 70 masked people allegedly taking a "solemn oath".

The group is led by an unmasked Mr Sisko, who once served prison time for attempted murder.

He won 2.2% of the vote last year when he ran for president of the small EU state, which was once part of the former Yugoslavia.

He lost out to Mr Pahor, whose cabinet said in a statement: "President Pahor stresses that Slovenia is a safe country in which no unauthorised person needs or is allowed to... illegally care for the security of the country and its borders."

The outgoing Slovene Prime Minister Miro Cerar said the formation of the unit was "absolutely unacceptable" and that it "needlessly stirs up fear and spreads hatred".

Mr Sisko denied the group - called the Stajerska Guard after a north-eastern region - was doing anything illegal, telling Reuters news agency it was a voluntary defence force consisting of "several hundred people".

However, he conceded the weapons they carried had not been registered with authorities.

Andrej Sisko is far out on the fringe of Slovenian politics.

He styles himself as a patriot, fighting to preserve the Slovenian people and the country's distinct identity - in the face of much larger neighbours populated by different ethnic groups.

On occasion, this ideological fight has spilled over into real violence.

Mr Sisko served a two-year jail sentence after planting a car bomb. He also has a long track record of forming or joining militia groups.

He will welcome the publicity gained by his latest stunt. But the public remain indifferent: his United Slovenia Movement gained just 0.6% of the vote in June's general election.

National security expert Iztok Prezelj told local media the group had all the markings of a militia: "They have a flag and uniform, but also from photographs, it's obvious that they have some common emblem on the T-shirts."

The University of Ljubljana vice-dean added: "Currently, Slovenia is not at risk of security, so I do not see the need to organise any armed formations, in addition to the army and the police."

"The police have not visited me so far but I expect their visit," Mr Sisko said. "We are doing nothing wrong and we would be even interested in co-operating with the police."

However he told media that his unit, which was allegedly formed 14 months ago, "would not watch quietly" if police attempted to disarm them.

In fact, the police might be disarmed instead, Mr Sisko told Slovene daily Delo on Tuesday.

His party, the anti-immigrant far-right United Slovenia Movement, has no connection to the militia, he said.

Slovenia is due to confirm a new minority government of five centre-left parties in the parliament next week.

An anti-immigrant stand helped the centre-right Slovenian Democratic Party to win most votes at the June election but the party lacked coalition partners to form a government.

According to the Slovene media, the new government has already attracted criticism from the opposition for what are seen as its "radically leftist moves", and there are concerns that it will take too lax an approach to the issue of migration and the protection of national interests.

Anti-migrant sentiment has increased in Slovenia since almost half a million migrants crossed the country on their way to richer EU states in 2015 and 2016.

The number of requests for asylum in Slovenia has risen significantly from 277 in the whole of 2015 to 1,717 so far this year.

However, only 77 people have been granted an asylum in 2018, versus 152 in the whole of 2017, interior ministry data showed.

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