Sunday, September 9, 2018

UPDATE OF MY SITUATION and apology to Mr. Morawiecki - PerhapsI(I HOPE) I did went a bit too far in respect to Mr. Morawiecki today(in video)

Perhaps I did went a bit too far in respect to Mr. Morawiecki today(in video update) because of article which you are about to see...main problem are my Polish language skills which often times reflect the exact opposite meaning from Slovenian/ Russian/ SerboCroat etc...
"Bolestan" translates from SerboCroat into sick...even worse, people are often times harassed on territory of Slovenia/ Serbia/ Croatia/ Russia etc. with use of the word "bolestan/bolestnik/bolnik"(mentally sick if translated to English - so low is our Slavic culture) just for exercising their freedom of opinion or free speech...this seems not to be the case in Poland for what I apologize to Mr. Morawiecki for whom I assumed have exactly this to Mr. Schetyna. I am sincerely sorry and do apologize for my sensitivity on such issues due to past which involved unprecedented abuse from the side of the society as well as field of government psychiatry.

I assumed(I HOPE MY MISTAKE BECAUSE I WOULD LIKE POLISH POLITIC TO BE CLEAR/ TRANSPARENT AND ACCESSIBLE TO ALL WHO CARE FOR POLAND - shouldn't insult one another but rather seek beneficial solutions for the sake of the nation) such view of Mr. Morawiecki primarily due to his father who called just recently for better ties with Moscow(click here). Moscow, however, is the one which should call for return of Crimea to Ukraine as well as Donetsk region. 

And while not as aggravating as I believed due to lack of my Polish language skills, response statement of Mr. Morawiecki should be concentrated more on facts and not foggy attack on someone(on Mr. Schetyna) who most likely have seen this news site and knows very well meaning of one...

I call both candidates to be more direct(precise) with finger pointing...I am not on either side of the two candidates as of this moment because of issues as explained here...I am against Orwellian politic of any kind - lets hear facts or continue to pretend that I and numerous other Poles/Ukrainians don't apology for language skills and expression of hope for POWERFUL Polish solidarity which will benefit entire Slavic world via democracy(truth/justice which foremost no Pole should ever fear).

Poland must resist to all external and internal forces which have in interest to change one. Poland must lead the way to develop its real potential.

"bolesny" translates from Polish to English as:

From(click for Polish)

From(click for Englis)

My video is 100% accurate other than that...SOVIET UNION DIED BECAUSE ONE WAS FORMED ON PRIMITIVE MISTAKES(never even considered to improve) AND UNITED STATES IS WORLD POWER FOR GOOD REASONS...will post interesting video tomorrow on Ukraine and Putin(Ukraine is Putin's grave and may as well become graveyard of numerous young Russian soldiers if Moscowian politic won't change fast).

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