Thursday, September 27, 2018

In Orwellian Gestapo agency known as SOVA(Slovenian spy agency used to surveillance ethnic Slovenian population for the sake of great Serbia), enemies of Slovenian nation protest/demonstrate for over 9 months already

To understand what is going on in this organisation created under UDBA criminal known as Borut Pahor, watch video at
Pro Belgrade(Moscow) UDBA criminal have already appointed his successor...

Yet another mental patient interested in ethnic cleansing of Slovenian nation - just as his mentor was...Borut Pahor was personal mentor of Marjan Sarec...

The rest is blah blah...they get very very good money every month for spying on Slovenian natives and protest something that no one knows what...

Situation in Slovenia is super alarming as same could be done with nations elsewhere(is happening also in Ukraine where Russian terrorists murder journalists and activists on daily bases). 

From(in 2017 when Slovenian fifth colon went on strike) 

AND from what was released several hours ago

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