Tuesday, September 4, 2018

KGB guy(ex roommate who changed room) comes to tell me laughingly "we are going to Grotniki tomorrow"(Grotniki is near Lodz - second biggest city in Poland)...

Was subjected to MKULTRA in Grotniki as well and I know one therefore.

The biggest KGB individual today, however, seats inside of the White House and his wife's father has a official KGB(criminal UDBA officer in ex Yugoslavia SerboSlavia which equaled to Eastern German STASI police) record.

Its interesting how this KGB dude loves Donald Trump...beyond disgusting.

Polish governments seems is trying to send message to the world(domestic and international audience). I think you under(USSR)stand the message...

If I get abducted to Russia(or Belarus) again, I will end my life with 100% certainty.

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