Monday, September 17, 2018

Christianity in deeper and deeper crises - here is why

Video #1 

Dismemberingand selling Jesus Christ now a days makes you his believer ? I discuss why Christianity has found itself in crises which will(in my opinion) even deepen....

Video #2

Flames equal pain and suffering Mr.'s where at least 94 of your Polish people ended for the sake of the "god"(Satan) from Moscow...and at no wonder when I remind myself of the type of circle you have created around yourself...

Video #3

And part three where I give more details on disgusting Eastern European human traffickers(never mind Netanyahu's and Putin). MKultra violence goes on exactly according to scenario and I should feel one as early as tomorrow on my own skin - proofs don't matter here was message I got today...

Here is the special message to the Czech drunk by the name "Milos Zaman"...."worry not about what I have to say about your standings within society - worry about my complain submitted to ICC where I will update your status in respect to MKultra case". Your vote(just as votes of others mentioned here) means to me less than nothing.

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