Monday, September 3, 2018

NEVER ENDING STORY: KGB liquidates two flies at the same time(own separatist from Donetsk known as Aleksandr Zakharchenko first and then prominent Ukrainian historian).

List of the latest accomplishments from Putin tolerated and cheered by Russian population:
Simultaneous with murdered Aleksandr Zakharchenko, prominent Ukrainian historian Mykola Shytyuk is found with numerous stabbing wounds(poked like a voodoo dolls what makes me think about sick voodoo professional from Kremlin). Mykola Shytyuk was a long time thorn in Putin's heel as Kremlin hates absolutely everything that is intellectual and toward peace oriented.

Shytyuk was known for his works on the Holodomor famine that killed millions in Ukraine in the early 1930s.
Read all about Mykola Shytyuk's death at

Killing of journalists and political activists are Putin's priority because the very core idea about Russian terrorism is to break any kind of resistance(will for life) within nations which are listed as next on Kremlin's death list.

Simultaneous murder of Mykola Shytyuk and Aleksandr Zakharchenko also point at same psychology(strategy) Putin is using in respect to defense of Russian Terrorists on foreign soil. Putin basically hijacks totally innocent people and accuses them of all sorts of contraband activities so he can use them as trade option for his spies/terrorists which foreign intelligence services have caught(and continue to catch) at work...

Ukrainians realize that it is time to separate from Russian Orthodox church(control) and establish own...BRAVO PUTAN PUTANOWICH...
I agree...Russian orthodox religion is now in hands of Satan and to achieve freedom, one has to separate itself from negative thoughts which Russian church is projecting.

She is not the only one on the list of the voodoo lunatic from Moscow...I am and so are many others...numerous locked, others forcefully hospitalized or already murdered. Better run while you can says Olha Pavlenko.
Happy to be out of own country which became occupied overnight by terrorist neonazi regime(its what is hiding behind red star) from Moscow which hunts Ukrainian nation for already one hundred years. Over 10.000 Ukrainians murdered in latest conflicts and numerous Ukrainians and Tatars just disappeared upon Russian occupation of one...

Eight Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in the past day. According to intelligence reports

We are clearly dealing with demented idiot whose extremely aggressive politic is seen as as such all over the world...don't know how much longer will we Slavs other than Russians tolerate guess is that the biggest loser of one we all who will pay the most, however(and it will be again), are going to be Russian people...

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